About Powerdrill

What is Powerdrill?

Powerdrill is a browser based data manipulation and extraction tool. Unlike other tools it also can simultaneously load large numbers of live websites for review, all in a blink of the eye and in one interface. Powerdrill does not provide any data but enables power users to sort, manipulate and extract specific data they need. Common use cases include extracting data out of plain text and backlink profile audits.

Where is the data coming from?

Powerdrill is based on user data input. Plain text format files can be used for data input via upload.

What are the requirements?

Powerdrill works best with a broadband Internet connection and modern browsers such as Chrome, Chromium or FireFox.

Do you include data from search engines or other tools?

No. Powerdrill is a data input tool that depends on the data being provided by the user.

Why have a browser based tool when I can do this with Python/Perl/Ruby/PHP scripts/Command Line?

Powerdrill is meant for the quick job, where it may take significantly more time to program a script then using Powerdrill. If you need to do the same data manipulation over and over again, you may benefit more from writing an automated script. If you do, Powerdrill may still prove useful to you in first testing what your script will need to do in the end.

Powerdrill Features

Can I save macros?

Yes. Macros can be saved and deleted by the user.

Can I PDF the output?

Currently there is no feature enabling saving data output in PDF.

Can I save disavow files?

Powerdrill can be used to generate disavow patterns, however the user needs to manually save the output of the text field.

Can I request new features?

Yes. Your feature requests and suggestions are welcome. Please let us know how to make Powerdrill even better. Contact us.

Can I use Powerdrill in combination with search operators like site: or cache:?

No. Google and other search engines do not allow their search result pages to appear in iframes, as such Powerdrill does not support this functionality.

Is Powerdrill available in other languages?

Not yet.

What is the limit for patterns to load live pages?

Currently Powerdrill works best with up to 50 live patters loaded at a time.

Why is Powerdrill slowing down?

Powerdrill runs on your local computer. Its performance can be limited by local hardware and software performance or settings. Keeping your hard- and software maintained and running a minimal number of other programs at the same time will ensure best possible Powerdrill performance. Alternatively, try to refresh Powerdrill.com in your browser. If you keep having issues, do let us know.


What is the best way of getting in touch?

Please tell us what’s on your mind. Contact us.